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Ayala, Arcipreste & Associates is the best-equipped health and constitutional law-firm in Mexico, specializing in assisted reproduction and ethically supporting surrogates, parents and clinics through important legal matters. Reproductive health is one of the most complex and delicate legal fields, and we are here to make those matters easy, rewarding and safe.

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Invest in the best possible legal team to support you through you or your business through Mexico's legal and health systems.

Clinical Legal Services

Support for your surrogacy clinic as you grow across borders

Health & Reproductive Lawyers

Safely and ethically supporting you in your reproductive journey

Constitutional Law

Defending human rights and freedoms across Mexico

Melissa Ayala

Melissa is an established legal expert with a focus on reproductive law and has successfully represented clinics, surrogacy agencies and parents. She is a graduate of ITAM and Harvard Law School.

Enrique Arcipreste

Enrique is an expert in health and consitutional law and has argued and won cases in the Supreme Court of Mexico. He is a graduate of CIDE and earned his master's degree at IBERO.

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